2nd and 3rd Grade

I hope you all are doing well! I miss seeing my students every day and I am excited we get to connect again this week. As many of you know, we are moving to virtual learning at this time. With that being said, it is required that your child attends class via Zoom meetings. It is also expected that all work I assign to your child is completed and turned in each week, as it will count toward their grades.


Math Assignment – After each zoom lesson, there will be an assignment. You can take a picture and send it via email. If they do it on a computer, you can send it as an attachment via email as well.
iReady Math – Students will be assigned two lessons per week. They will need complete an additional assignment on their path and score at least 70%.
Math Whizz – Students need to complete at least three progressions per week. Each progression is a lesson and a quiz (that needs a passing score).

Language Arts

Reading Assignment – (same expectations as math assignment)

Achieve 3000 – This for 3rd grade only. Students must complete at least 4 lessons a week with a score of 75% or above. If they do not score higher than 75%, they must complete another.
iReady Reading - (same expectations as iReady math)

Life Science

Science Assignment – On Fridays, students will receive a science assignment based on a reading or video. It will be due the following Friday.

Zoom with Ms. Killebrew

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

2nd Grade at 9:30am * 3rd Grade at 10:15am

If you need help with anything, academic related or not, please do not hesitate to reach out via email, call or text. Holly Drive is prepared to help you through this, as we are aware the recent events may have caused many inconveniences for you and your family. Stay healthy and remember that we are all in this together!

Ms. Killebrew (ebonylashay7@gmail.com)

Online Resources

Math-Whizzi-ReadyAchieve3000Elementary Institute of Science

Daily Schedule for 2nd and 3rd Grade Students

Morning Routine
Get something in your stomach. Get dressed. Get some exercise.
Zoom meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
2nd Grade – Be on time to Zoom with Ms.Killebrew. Have a paper and pencil ready!
3rd Grade – complete a lesson on Achieve 3000.You must get 75% or more for credit.
Zoom meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
2nd Grade – iReady Reading. Please don’t do math during this time!
3rd Grade - Be on time to Zoom with Ms.Killebrew. Have a paper and pencil ready!
Eat some lunch and take a break.
Get some fresh air. If you are not allowed to go outside, get some exercise inside.
Independent Reading
Find a cozy spot and read! Read for at least 30minutes. Remember, you can use EPIC.
Math Whizz, iReady Math
What I need time If you need more time to finish Achieve, I-Ready, Math Whizz etc, use this time. You can also complete assignments during this time.
Creative Time
Draw, build, make, create!